Trekking on the hills of Fiesole

Fiesole, Firenze

Trekking on the hills of Fiesole

Those who love contact with nature will find many itineraries and routes in the Fiesole hills with interesting views, panoramas to savor, each with its unique historical characteristics of the Tuscany area.

Below is a proposal of some interesting routes that have as their starting point the city of Fiesole where you can comfortably stay at our Hotel Villa Bonelli.

Routes for trekkers in the green woods of Fiesole:

“Via degli Dei”

Traveling along the “Via degli Dei”, discovering the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines on foot with its hilly expanses between Bologna and Florence, is an unforgettable experience; walking into the magic of the village of Fiesole and receiving the “hallmark” – the stamp of passage along the route – at the Hotel Villa Bonelli is an essential goal!
We can provide you with all the information on this legendary route and on the – equally fascinating – walks in the surroundings of the Fiesole hills, we can provide you with sticks for Nordic walking or show you the most challenging runners’ routes; you can then opt for a relaxing holiday full of nature and the discovery of local flavors through tastings of typical Florentine cuisine.

Ascent to the Acropolis

The route includes the ascent from Piazza Mino da Fiesole, the central point of the city, to the Convent of San Francesco, a religious complex located at the highest point of Fiesole, the one that constituted the Acropolis since the Etruscan era.
Very suggestive for panoramic photographs and as a destination for romantic walks.

Ring of the Montececeri Nature Reserve

Walk in the middle of nature that leads to the top of MonteCeceri where in the panoramic open space you will find the stele in memory of the first flight of Leonardo da Vinci’s “flying machine”. Along the path you will find the Maiano quarries.

“Via Vecchia Fiesolana”

This is the ancient road that went up from Florence to Fiesole before being replaced by the current Via Mantellini which is traveled by car, its route probably follows the ancient Etruscan route. Here there are many of the most impressive and famous villas of Fiesole: in order, the ascent proposes Villa degli Albizi, Villa il Riposo dei Vescovi, Villa Rondinelli, Villa le Balze, Villa Medici called Del Belriposo and Villa Ricasoli, housed in the premises of the former convent of San Girolamo.

From Fiesole to the Fontelucente Wood

The main point of interest of this route is Villa Peyron, with its fabulous garden and the Fontelucente wood. The complex can be visited thanks to the Bardini-Peyron Foundation which manages this site of cultural interest.

Urban scenic route

Short urban itinerary that offers various panoramic viewpoints over the valley, of particular interest is the ancient church of Santa Maria Primerana, whose lovely external loggia can be seen on the left just before entering Piazza Mino in Via Verdi.

Source: www.fiesole.it

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